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Live and historic data on Venezuela's economy.


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Available on iOS, Android and the web.



  • Exchange rates including the black market

  • Foreign reserves

  • Inflation

  • Money supply

  • Minimum wage

  • Oil prices (WTI, Brent, Venezuela, OPEC)

  • Crude production (OPEC and secondary sources)

  • U.S. oil imports and exports


"Very useful app to visualize real time economic data from Venezuela. Definitely a one of a kind source."


Daniel Urdaneta

Trader and Investment Strategist

Knossos Asset Management

Fully automated so faster than Bloomberg.



For the first time, Venezuela-watchers can witness the collapse of the local currency, soaring money supply and falling wages in real time — as well as historic data going back nearly half a century.

Venezuela Econ was created in January 2015 when Girish Gupta, a Venezuela-based journalist, wrote code to automate the acquisition, manipulation and storage of the country's economic data.

He had been surprised to see major news and data outlets — which charge their clients thousands of dollars a month — doing this manually.  Girish made simple, intuitive graphs to bring transparency to badly-collated government data and costly, esoteric professional services.

The project evolved from web-based graphs to iOS and Android apps in mid-2016. Now, Venezuela Econ has some 7,000 users across the three platforms.

Girish can be reached at